Meet Thulani

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Meet Thulani

What I Do

I am a health & performance coach with 20 years of experience working with leaders and business professionals. My coaching services are designed to help high-performing individuals engage in better self care and move towards sustainable health. I also provide effective and empowering recovery coaching for leaders and executives who struggle with addiction, but are otherwise successful in their careers.

My Coaching Philosophy

Central to my coaching philosophy is a belief that full engagement and optimal performance in the workplace are directly proportional to our well-being and sense of purpose. I believe that human energy is our greatest asset, and that leaders must learn to proactively manage their energy in order to be productive and perform in high-stress environments. My mission is to assist leaders to expand their capacity through greater self care and wellness, so they can continue to serve their mission and make an impact in their organization and their industry.

Leaders and Self-Care 

Managing stress is a challenge for many people; however, a considerable amount of professional responsibility is placed upon leaders, often leading to exhaustion, stress, and burnout. Attempting to sustain productivity and high performance without attending to one’s self-care can deplete physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Leaders who live under immense pressure are more vulnerable to chronic stress, as many are faced with busy schedules, long work hours, and major responsibilities. Poor management of stress minimizes one’s capacity to lead and delegate, making it difficult to be an effective leader. Many leaders turn to alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications to ease the pressure from their professional commitments and the subsequent emotional strains on their personal lives.

My Journey to Self Care

My passion for coaching leaders has been inspired by my own personal journey as an entrepreneur. As a former spa owner in the early 90’s, I regularly worked 14- to 16-hour days without giving proper attention to my health and self care.  By 1997, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and subsequently became addicted to prescription medication for five years. Drawing from my own experience overcoming chronic stress and substance use, I have developed practical solutions that help leaders build resiliency and sustain high performance without burning out.

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