Thulani DeMarsay, PhD

Integrative Health Coach. Health Advocate. Nature Lover.  

My personal journey of overcoming fibromyalgia syndrome inspired me to pursue a career in wellness and become a health coach. As a former spa owner on Boston’s Newbury Street, I routinely worked 14-hour days serving my clients, but did not give proper attention to my own self-care. Eventually, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and later became addicted to prescription medication for five years. Through my recovery, I have discovered essential tools for well-being and building resilience.

I believe that our ability to thrive and live productive lives is directly linked to our emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical well-being. I also believe that  living a purposeful and meaningful life is integral to our happiness and  sense of fulfillment. Drawing from my personal experience and the success of my clients, I firmly believe we can live our deepest purpose and manifest our wildest dreams without burning out or sacrificing our health.

A careful listener and trusted confidante, I have worked closely with my clients to help them achieve significant life changes. It would be my honor to partner with you as your coach and accountability partner in taking your next step towards change.    

I am a senior faculty member at Cambridge College where I teach Brain Health, Lifestyle Change and Self-Care for Helping Professionals in the Wellness & Health Promotion undergraduate program. In addition, I teach in the Alcohol Counseling Education Program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Educational Background
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, concentration in Health, Cambridge College

Master’s Degree in Management, concentration in Leadership & OD, Cambridge College

Master’s Degree in Human Development, Fielding Graduate University
PhD in Human Development, Fielding Graduate University

Relevant Certifications

Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Recovery Coach, (CCAR) Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery 

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Core Values

Treat each person with dignity respect and empathy. Exemplify fair business practices, trustworthiness and integrity. Commit to research and staying current on holistic wellness practices. Share profits.


My mission is to use my gifts and talents to be of service to others and to be a beneficial presence on the planet. May my thoughts, words and actions contribute to the well-being and happiness of others. 


At the heart of my philosophy is a belief that our ability be fully engaged and lead purposeful lives is directly linked to our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

My Coaching Services

I provide high-quality coaching services, aimed at supporting women towards wellness and
personal transformation. 
Please select which area of coaching you are interested in to learn more.

Health Coaching 

Holistic Recovery 

Life Purpose 

Let’s Chat  

I would love to hear from you! Let’s schedule a time to chat about you and discuss your health goals over a cup of tea.