Retreats for leaders and teams

Empowering Teams, Transforming Workspaces 

Contemplative Leadership

Lead in Times of Chaos and Uncertainty

Enhance self-awareness and build resilience through reflective practices that allow you to navigate complex changes with poise and mindfulness. Embrace timeless leadership principles to effectively lead during times of disruption, maintaining balance and driving positive outcomes amidst the challenges of uncertainty. 

Mindful DEI & Change

Navigate Change with Intention & Awareness

Now more than ever, organizations recognize the urgency of fostering a more inclusive workforce. Our program, Our retreat provides practical, mindfulness-based strategies that enhance communication, build resilience, and empower organizations to navigate transitions with thoughtfulness. This retreat is designed for those committed to creating a truly inclusive work culture, where mindful leadership guides the journey towards enduring change. 

Strategic Visioning

Create a Clear & Shared Vision for the Future

Empowering leaders to craft a forward-thinking vision, integrating mindfulness and reflection to enhance organizational agility and adaptability. Discover new strategies to anticipate changes and prepare for emerging challenges and opportunities, leading your teams beyond current realities. Unleash the transformative power of visionary leadership, inspiring your team to achieve unprecedented success and forge a path toward a resilient future.

Energy & Flow

Harness Flow to Achieve Optimal Performance

Optimize energy across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of wellness, learn flow state techniques to attain peak performance without sacrificing health. Empower both individuals and teams to thrive through effective energy management techniques, enhance team dynamics and develop greater resilience and overall wellbeing.

Designed to Fit Your Vision

Our retreats are crafted to align perfectly with your organization's unique goals and objectives. Choose from our flexible one-day or two-day retreat options to best suit your specific needs. We're committed to creating a transformative experience that perfectly matches your team's requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our retreats are designed to accommodate both virtual and in-person formats to best suit your needs. Virtual retreats are conducted using interactive online platforms, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience from anywhere. In-person retreats are held at thoughtfully chosen locations, providing an immersive environment that fosters deep connection and learning. 

Our retreats are designed for individuals looking to enhance their leadership and teamwork skills. They are particularly beneficial for emerging leaders, seasoned executives, and teams. 

To prepare effectively, ensure full engagement from all participants by clearing schedules and minimizing distractions. We encourage individuals and teams to identify specific outcomes and goals they wish to achieve during the retreat, which helps maximize the impact of the experience.

Absolutely! We specialize in customizing our retreats to align with your specific goals and challenges. Each retreat is designed to address the unique needs of your organization, ensuring a relevant and impactful experience for all participants.

Our retreats typically range from a half-day session to multiple days, depending on the specific program and goals. We customize the duration to best fit the needs of the group and the depth of content covered.

Participants can expect to develop a deeper understanding of mindfulness and its application to leadership, enhancing their authenticity and presence. They will leave with practical skills for embodied leadership, fostering greater personal alignment and effectiveness in their professional roles.

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An Evening with Thulani: Wednesday, February 28th 
Time: 10:00 AM (EST), 1:00 PM (PST), 8:00 PM (SAST) Duration: 1 Hour
Location: NY, 222-3344

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