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Thulani Consulting Group specializes in expert Organization Development and Change services, uniquely blending mindfulness-based practices with systemic approaches. At the core of our philosophy, a steadfast commitment to equity informs every facet of our work, ensuring that transformative change is not only impactful but also enduring and meaningful. We are dedicated to creating environments where every voice is heard and every individual is empowered to flourish, laying the groundwork for deep and lasting organizational transformation.

Core Services 

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Initiatives: At the forefront of our services, we specialize in developing and implementing comprehensive DEIB initiatives. Understanding that true organizational excellence is rooted in diversity and inclusivity, we work closely with companies to not only develop these initiatives but also seamlessly integrate them into the organizational fabric. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that these changes resonate at every level, from leadership to individual team members, fostering a culture where everyone feels genuinely valued and connected.

  • Stress Reduction and Wellness Programs: Recognizing the importance of well-being in the workplace, our stress reduction and wellness programs are foundational to organization development. Without healthy teams, organizations cannot thrive. Our programs are designed to enhance the overall health and vibrancy of your organization. Mindfulness practices are central to these programs, helping individuals manage stress and cultivate a balanced, healthy work environment.

  • Visioning and Forecasting: We guide organizations in creating a compelling vision for the future, grounded in mindful awareness and strategic foresight. Our approach ensures that this vision is not only inspiring but also achievable and aligned with your core values of equity and inclusion.

  • Mindfulness-Based Change Management: Change is complex and multi-faceted. We apply a systems thinking approach to change management, recognizing the interconnectedness of various organizational elements. Our mindfulness-based strategies ensure a calm and thoughtful navigation through this complexity.

  • Leadership Development: Our leadership programs emphasize mindfulness as a key tool for effective decision-making and empathetic leadership. We focus on developing leaders who are not only strategic and effective but also deeply aware of the impact of their actions on all stakeholders.

  • Team Effectiveness: We foster team environments where collaboration and mutual respect are paramount. By applying mindfulness practices, teams learn to operate with a heightened sense of awareness and empathy, leading to more effective and harmonious group dynamics.

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This training examines the nature of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. It explores the science behind mindfulness and how it interrupts automatic, habitual responses.


This training examines the nature of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. It explores the science behind mindfulness and how it interrupts automatic, habitual responses.

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An Evening with Thulani: Wednesday, February 28th 
Time: 10:00 AM (EST), 1:00 PM (PST), 8:00 PM (SAST) Duration: 1 Hour
Location: NY, 222-3344

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