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A Retreat for Leaders & Teams

A Mindful Approach to Addressing Bias Retreat

Leaders recognize the need to address racial and other forms of inequity in the workplace now more than any other time in our history. Companies are examining their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies and seeking solutions to foster a more inclusive workforce. But many organizations are missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

Unconscious bias education is incomplete unless it addresses cognitive processes that underlie prejudice. Mindfulness training is a key ingredient. That’s why we designed the “A Mindful Approach to Addressing Bias” retreat for leaders and teams committed to fostering an inclusive work culture.

Over the course of this retreat, we will examine the nature of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. We will explore the science behind mindfulness and how it interrupts automatic, habitual responses. We will discuss how mindfulness can promote higher performance by individuals, teams, and ultimately the organization.

This retreat is designed to be experiential and immersive, allowing participants to engage in mindfulness practices and activities that promote self-awareness, reflection, and empathy. By participating in this retreat, leaders and teams can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace
  • Understanding of the science behind mindfulness and how it can interrupt automatic, habitual responses
  • Ability to recognize and manage biases through mindfulness practices
  • Enhanced self-awareness, empathy, and reflection skills
  • Improved communication and collaboration among team members
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased sense of joy and well-being

This retreat is suitable for:

  • CEO’s
  • Organizational Leaders
  • Mid to Senior Level Managers
  • Directors
  • Supervisors
  • Executive Assistants


Engagements are delivered as a full-day, half-day, or two-hour experiential workshop.

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This training examines the nature of unconscious bias and its impact in the workplace. It explores the science behind mindfulness and how it interrupts automatic, habitual responses.


Using mindful inquiry, I partner with leaders in their respective organizations to help foster a culture of resilience and effectiveness. My practice areas include organizational change, equity, diversity and inclusion and contemplative leadership.

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An Evening with Thulani: Wednesday, February 28th 
Time: 10:00 AM (EST), 1:00 PM (PST), 8:00 PM (SAST) Duration: 1 Hour
Location: NY, 222-3344

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